Dr. Dora E. White MD

Patient Resources

Accepting new patients in all aspects of Internal Medicine.

New Patients

We recognize that you have a variety of choices, and that you must have the highest expectations from us. We can meet all your healthcare needs, and will always do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

On your first visit we ask that you bring the following items:

We ask that you arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment time, to ensure that all the necessary paper work is complete before you see Dr. Dora E. White.

Billing Information

Our offices will need your help in billing for medical services. Please inform the office of any change in coverage and address/telephone number. This will help us to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Our staff is dedicated and highly experienced. Feel free to call (480) 473-8866 with any questions.

Accepted Insurances