Dr. Dora E. White MD


We love treating the person, not just the body

In todays hectic world people are trapped with running around to see multiple specialists. Because of this, Doctors never get the chance to know the patient as a whole and coordinate continuity of care, prevention medicine and well being of the patient. Patients are piecemeal and lost in a sea of information, not knowing who to believe or follow.

The medical industry seems to be full of anti-aging products and the gizmos for weight loss. With all of the confusion, there is a loss of who to go to for help. Every day a gift, and to be there for a patient when needed, to guide them towards well being and a happy productive life, seeking health mentally and physically is the greatest gift to be able to provide a patient.

We urge you to come visit us so we can help you to understand, we love treating the person, not just the body.

As an internist, Dr. White goes beyond in the pursuit of prevention and wellness. Dr. White's practice is dedicated to thoroughness and personal attention in a changing technological world.

Spanish, Italian and French spoken fluently.

Top Doctor 2007 and 2008